About Ecoplace

Harmonizing the nature in its contemporary design, Ecoplace (www.ecoplace.vn) is an European-American lifestyle waterfront Restaurant and Coffeehouse at 28 BT1, Ban Dao Linh Dam (looking over the Crane Island of Linh Dam lake), Hoang Mai District, Hanoi. Besides gourmet dishes and fresh drinks, there are varieties of entertainment and office facilities at Ecoplace, including: Anti-bombing Wine Cellar, Cigar Bar, Library/Children play area, Souvenir Shop, Print, photo & scan services, Basketball shooting ground, Cinema & meeting room, Japanese style dining & meeting room, Membership Bar, Outdoor sitting & BBQ area, Golf Putting & Tee-off Green. Come to enjoy our foods & drinks and entertain yourself at a natural inner-city space. Sơ đồ đường đi tới Ecoplace

Facilities & Services at Ecoplace

Anti-bombing Wine Cellar

Having an anti-bombing structure, the Cellar is an ideal exclusive space for about 15 guests.

Cigar Bar

Located on the ground floor, the Cigar Bar sells Cuban cigars and supplies a variety of foods and drinks, including cakes, ice-cream and draught beer.

Library/Children Play Area/Souvenir Shop

Library/Children Play Area/Souvenir Shop.

Basketball Shooting Ground

Basketball Shooting Ground.

Cinema & Meeting Room

Ecoplace is equipped with international standard office facilities such as large-screen projector, high-speed wifi, photocopier & printer. Thus, you can work effectively in a relaxing environment of Ecoplace. Please reserve the room if you want to see a movie, hold a private meeting or conduct a seminar.

Japanese style dining & meeting room

Japanese style dining & meeting room.

Membership Bar

Located on the 3rd Floor and directly connected to the outdoor BBQ area, the Membership Bar is suitable for exclusive parties and private events.

Outdoor sitting & BBQ Area

Having 50 chairs and owning a panorama view to the lake, the BBQ area on the 3rd Floor is an ideal place for outdoor sitting and holding BBQ parties.

Golf Putting & Tee-off Green

With a semi-outdoor setting connecting to a fully air-conditioned waiting room, the Putting Green is where you can practice your putt and the Tee-off is where your professional swings toward the lake can be performed.




28 BT1, Ban Dao Linh Dam, Hoang Mai, Ha Noi


(+84 4) 322 52 456
(+84 4) 322 52 455